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Yes, you can use food to boost your mood!

Dietitian Amanda Smyth from Mood Food Nutrition speaks with Mindarma's Jamie Watson

5 Min

Possibly the world’s most effective mental health device

This remarkable device helps regulate mood, decrease stress, boost memory, promote healthy brain functioning and keep common mental health issues at bay.

5 Min

Sleep: the amazing wonder-drug we are all too busy to take

Feeling tired? We hear you. Learn about the benefits of good quality shut-eye and the amazing things that happen while we're asleep....

5 Min

Check yourself before you tech yourself

Digital tech is having a profound impact on our habits, rewiring our brains, building addiction and disconnecting us from the natural world. While we become increasingly dependent on our smartphones, we are reaching out for direct human-to-human contact less and less.

5 Min

7 strategies for when your mind has gone to mush

Too tired to sentences form? We know the feeling. Discover what to do when brain fade and exhaustion get the best of you.

6 Min

Seven simple self-care strategies

Trying to manage through a time of crisis? To be able to look after it all, you need to look after yourself. In this article you will discover 7 simple self-care strategies to help see you through the most difficult times.

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Progressive muscle relaxation

This practise aims to release stress and tension while facilitating a sense of relaxation, ease and safety. You will be guided to bring tension to and then relaxation to different parts of your body.


Restorative sleep

This practise aims to support you in securing more restorative and peaceful sleep.


Mindful body scan (long)

This is a simple yet powerful way of bringing your full awareness to different areas of your body, releasing tension and re-centering your focus to the present moment.


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Your brain on tech: preventing digital overload

Gain practical tips and advice to help you keep tech in check

Join our expert panel as we explore how technology is rewiring our brains.  

Why joy is good medicine

Don’t miss out on the good stuff!

Join us and discover simple strategies to give your brain a joyful boost.

Movement and mental health

Movement and Mental Health

Join our panel of experts for a lively discussion on the physical and psychological benefits of movement and exercise.

Your Brain in Nature

Your Brain in Nature

Support your mental wellbeing in the most natural way possible. Join our expert panel as we explore the growing science and remarkable benefits of bringing your brain back to nature.

How to get a good night’s sleep

How to get a good night's sleep

Discover the big, brain-boosting benefits of sleep and gain practical tips to help you get more of the good stuff.

How to eat for good Mental Health

Eat for good Mental Health

Presented in conjunction with Mood Food Nutrition, this webinar will allow you to digest the latest science on nutrition and mental health. Cut out the confusion and get some great tips, along with simple, tasty, brain-boosting recipes.


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Dr Anne Lembke

Dopamine Nation

This book is about pleasure. It’s also about pain. Most important, it’s about how to find the delicate balance between the two, and why now more than ever finding balance is essential

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dear digital, we need to talk

Award-winning digital wellbeing and productivity expert Dr Kristy Goodwin provides brain-based strategies to help you thrive in the digital world without abstaining from social media or Netflix binges.

Matthew Walker

Why we sleep

Neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker provides a revelatory exploration of sleep, examining how it affects every aspect of our physical and mental well-being.

Dr Carl D. Marci

Rewired: protecting your brain in the digital age

Living in an age of digital distraction has wreaked havoc on our brains―but there’s much we can do to restore our tech–life balance.

Olatz Lopez-Fernandez , Ed

Internet and Mobile Phone Addiction

Health & educational effects The papers contained in this e-Book provide unique and original perspectives on the concept, development, and early detection of the prevention of internet use-related addiction problems.

Peter Wohlleben

The hidden life of trees

Are trees social beings? This international bestseller makes the case that, yes, the forest is a social network. Using ground-breaking scientific discoveries renowned forester Wohlleben describes how trees live together, communicate & support each other.


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Florence Williams: Finding the Fix

“We can microdose awe.” Award-winning author of The Nature Fix, Florence Williams, explains what science says about the human body’s deep responsiveness to natural environments.


Sir David Attenborough discusses nature and mental health

Sir David Attenborough talks about the links between mental health and nature, and how you can make the most of the natural world.


Simon Rosenbaum: Exercise is a human right

While regular exercise has huge benefits for  mental health, those who stand to benefit the most from physical activity – refugees, trauma survivors and those with complex mental health issues, are often the least likely to have access. Simon Rosenbaum explains why exercise should be prescribed for the mental wellbeing of our most vulnerable


Quit social media

Dr Cal Newport

‘Deep work’ will make you better at what you do. You will achieve more in less time. And feel the sense of true fulfillment that comes from the mastery of a skill.




What overusing social media does to your brain

Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Andrew Huberman explains what happens if you overuse social media.


The optimal morning routine

Dr Andrew Huberman

Practical tools for optimising your morning routine.


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It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.

- Dr Brené Brown

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

- E. Joseph Cossman

Our minds are shaped by the modern world but originate in nature, and we have suffered as a result of this disconnect.

- Bill Bailey

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… even you.

- Ann Lamott

Let’s start by taking a smallish nap or two.

- Winnie the Pooh

Exercise has a more profound and sustained positive effect on mood, anxiety, cognition, energy, and sleep than any pill I can prescribe.

- Dr Anna Lembke


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How fruit can fight depression

This study of 7801 middle and older aged adults provides evidence of why a trip to the greengrocer may be a very useful way to keep depression at bay.

Body and movement-oriented interventions for PTSD

This updated systematic review and meta-analysis explores how body and movement-oriented interventions can decrease PTSD symptoms, along with a range of other benefits.

Optimising the effects of physical activity on mental health and wellbeing

This consensus statement from Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Psychological Society provides guidance on the ways that physical activity can be promoted to maximise benefits to mental health.

Exercise as medicine for depressive symptoms

This systematic review and meta-analysis reveals that exercise is efficacious as a treatment for depression.

The “online brain”: How the internet may be changing our cognition

The influence that the Internet may have on our brain structure and functioning remains a central topic of investigation. This article draws on recent psychological, psychiatric & neuroimaging findings to examine several hypotheses on how

Digital technology use & mental health consultations

Survey of the views and experiences of clinicians and young people.