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20 research found for “Manager Essentials”


Can resilience predict mental health symptomology?

This study examines whether resilience can be measured and used to predict mental health symptomology among first responders exposed to repeated trauma.

Resilience @ Work Mindfulness Program Randomised Controlled Trial

View results from the RCT of the original program which was developed into Mindarma.

How Technology Will Impact Workplace Mental Health

This paper provides a review and agenda for examining how technology-driven changes at work will impact workplace mental health and employee well-being.

ROI: Review of Interventions

Conducted for SafeWork NSW, this review of interventions examines what works in reducing mental ill health in the workplace.

The Psychosocial Safety Scale

Describes the development of the PSC-12 Scale for measuring psychosocial safety.

Psychosocial Safety Climate as a precursor

Examines Psychosocial Safety Climate as a precursor to conducive work environments, psychological health problems and employee engagement.

Psychosocial Safety Climate: A Review of the Evidence

Measurement of Psychosocial Safety Climate enables prediction of whether workers are likely to be highly stressed or engaged.

Workplace interventions for common mental disorders

This systematic review examines the effectiveness of mental health interventions in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Can work may you mentally ill?

This systematic review examines work-related risk factors for common mental health problems.

A framework to create more mentally healthy workplaces

Discover the five key strategies to creating more mentally healthy workplaces.

Developing a Mentally Healthy Workplace

This report prepared for the National Health Commission outlines the fundamentals of creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Free Psychosocial Risk Assessment Survey

This free survey was developed by researchers at QUT and ANU and is endorsed by regulators across Australia.

Principles of Good Work Design

This work health and safety handbook from SafeWork NSW outlines the fundamentals of good work design.

Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work

This code of practice from Safework NSW details how organisations must manage psychosocial hazards.

Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023

This strategy document from Safework Australia outlines how to ensure safe and healthy work for all.

Mental Health at Work Facts Sheet

This World Health Organization Facts Scheet provides an excellent overview and advice about what organisations can do.

What’s the future of mental health at work?

This Harvard Business Review article discusses how to create safety, community and a healthy organisational culture.

Do mental health awareness campaigns work?

The Black Dog Institute’s Professor Samuel Harvey looks at the evidence.

Harvard University: Research Insights on the Contagion of Happiness

Looking for greater happiness? This article from Harvard researchers will help point you in the right direction.

What are the benefits of mindfulness among high-risk groups such as first responders?

This study aimed to explore engagement and mindfulness as protective factors against the risk of developing vicarious trauma and psychosomatic symptoms among firefighters.