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Gain a little guidance to help navigate life as a 21st century human.

Yes, you can use food to boost your mood!

Dietitian Amanda Smyth from Mood Food Nutrition speaks with Mindarma's Jamie Watson

5 Min

Bitter Nothings

How the words we whisper to ourselves change everything

5 Min

Marie Kondo your mind

Is your brain full of useless stuff? Take a few minutes out for a cranial declutter.

3 Min

How not to be a horrible boss

Most managers receive precious little training on how to look after others. A few simple skills can make all the difference.

5 Min

Why nature is needed for 21st century brains

If modern living has left you feeling exhausted or on edge, there's no better natural remedy than nature itself.

5 Min

Possibly the world’s most effective mental health device

This remarkable device helps regulate mood, decrease stress, boost memory, promote healthy brain functioning and keep common mental health issues at bay.

5 Min

Money and Mental Health

Money is one of our most common worries. Discover practical strategies to ease the strain and get on top of your finances.

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