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How to eat for good Mental Health

Eat for good Mental Health

Presented in conjunction with Mood Food Nutrition, this webinar will allow you to digest the latest science on nutrition and mental health. Cut out the confusion and get some great tips, along with simple, tasty, brain-boosting recipes.

Rest Fest

Pause, relax and enjoy a restorative May

Always giving? Now is the time to receive. During our 4-part Rest Fest series you will take part in restorative self-compassion practises, learn about the science of self-care and discover how to protect against empathic distress fatigue.

How to protect against burnout and fatigue

How to protect against burnout and fatigue

Pushing past your limits? Recognise the warning signs of burnout, discover vital self-care strategies and learn how to prioritise your wellbeing.

5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Develop a daily mindfulness practise

Take a break from busyness, with a daily dose of mindfulness. Challenge your workmates to join you for five brief, guided sessions.

Protecting Frontline Workers: How Enhancing Psychological Resilience with Mindarma Reshapes Risk Profiles

A presentation by Dr Sadhbh Joyce at the 2024 Frontline Mental Health Conference.

Why Self-Compassion and Self-Care are essential for Frontline Workers’ Mental Health

A panel discussion at the 2024 Frontline Mental Health Conference with Dr Sadhbh Joyce, Dr Buck Reed, Tara J Lal and James Maskey.