S1 E5 with plane crash survivor Guy “Digger” Boland

Listen to Guy Boland’s story of remarkable resilience and discover what has helped most in his recovery.

Our next guest on the Mindarma podcast is Guy Boland.

Guy survived a light plane crash near Moree airport in March 2011 that killed his parents and older sister. The pilot of the six-seater plane was also killed. Guy suffered life-threatening injuries while his daughter Hannah was seriously hurt.

Guy had more than 25 operations in the hospital over the following years. He managed to recover enough to take over the running of the farming and petroleum businesses that his parents had managed around Moree. Guy runs those operations, splitting his time from his home in Brisbane and Moree.

Guy’s story is one of amazing resilience. In 2018, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with his eldest son. Every year Guy also joins a group of friends he went to Sydney University within the late 1980s to go bushwalking, usually in Tasmania.

One of those friends is Dean Yates, host of this podcast. In this episode, Guy shares his remarkable story of survival with Dean and how hope, love, and friendship played an integral role to his recovery and wellbeing.