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S3 E1 Plain language can prevent suicide

Dean Bayliss, a proud Gomeroi man and CEO of Healing Works Australia, talks about suicide prevention among First Nation’s People.


S2 E7 A life of purpose: ex-cop finds meaning after PTSD

We speak with former police officer James Maskey, who works at Fortem Australia, a not-for-profit wellbeing support organisation for first responders and their families.


S2 E6 Why organisations need to tackle burnout now with Dr Peter Baldwin

We speak with Dr Peter Baldwin about the impact of burnout and what can be done by organisations to prevent it.


S2 E5 Yoga and mental health

Researcher Leona Tan explores the science of yoga and how it may be used to support better mental health.


S2 E4 Food for thought: nutrition and mental health with Dr Scott Teasdale

We quiz Dr Scott Teasdale about the latest science regarding nutrition and mental health. Find out what really works and discover simple ways to give your brain a boost.


S2 E3 Tony Walker (ASM): workplace mental health, walking the talk

Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker discusses his life as a paramedic and how leaders can create real change when it comes to mental health.


S2 E2 Move your own way: A/Prof Simon Rosenbaum shares how physical activity protects mental health and why enjoyment is key!

Join Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum as we explore the brain-boosting benefits of getting active.


S2 E1 Olympic cycling champion Anna Meares shares her story of remarkable resilience.

In this inspiring interview Australian cycling legend Anna Meares looks beyond the moments of gold and glory, sharing a story of courage and resilience.


S1 E8 with Dr Sadhbh Joyce on resilience, the research, the practice… and the myths!

Hear from psychologist, researcher and Mindarma co-founder Dr Sadhbh Joyce, as she discusses psychological resilience and the practices that can support better mental health.