S2 E6 Why organisations need to tackle burnout now with Dr Peter Baldwin

We speak with Dr Peter Baldwin about the impact of burnout and what can be done by organisations to prevent it.

Our next guest on the Mindarma podcast is Dr. Peter Baldwin, a clinical research fellow and clinical psychologist at The Black Dog Institute. Peter is an expert on burnout, a poorly understood condition that has received growing attention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While burnout is not a diagnosable mental illness, it is having a major impact on workers in occupations as diverse as healthcare, emergency services, legal, journalism, childcare and teaching.

Indeed, Peter manages a Black Dog Institute service that is allowing Australian health professionals to remain anonymous when seeking help for burnout or mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD. The service — called The Essential Network — has been running for two years and has already been accessed by 10,000 health workers. Interviewing Peter is Dean Yates, who we’re delighted to share has re-joined us as host of the Mindarma podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode.