S1 E8 with Dr Sadhbh Joyce on resilience, the research, the practice… and the myths!

Hear from psychologist, researcher and Mindarma co-founder Dr Sadhbh Joyce, as she discusses psychological resilience and the practices that can support better mental health.

Hello. It’s Dean Yates here, host of the Mindarma podcast. My next – and final guest — for this year is Dr. Sadhbh Joyce.

I was delighted when Sadhbh and her husband Jamie Watson, the co-founders of Mindarma, invited me to host this podcast series. It seems fitting to finish with a chat with Sadhbh.

What struck me when I met Sadhbh a few years ago was her extraordinary knowledge of workplace mental health, combined with a passion and empathy I’d never encountered from someone in this field before.

Sadhbh has played a key role in much of the ground-breaking academic research in Australia into workplace mental health. She did her PhD on mindfulness-based resilience training for emergency services personnel. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and holds an adjunct lecturer position at The Black Dog Institute and UNSW.

She has also treated people with work-related psychological injury and trauma in her private practice for more than a decade. And she worked on The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, supporting survivors and commission staff.

It is all this experience that gives Sadhbh a rare insight into workplace mental health. I hope you enjoy this podcast, which focuses on resilience, and a little bit of Sadhbh’s personal journey.