S2 E2 Move your own way: A/Prof Simon Rosenbaum shares how physical activity protects mental health and why enjoyment is key!

Join Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum as we explore the brain-boosting benefits of getting active.

Our next guest on the Mindarma Podcast is Scientia Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum. Simon works at the School of Psychiatry at the UNSW in Sydney, and is an honorary fellow at the Black Dog Institute. Simon’s research focuses on physical activity, mental illness, sport for development and global mental health. Simon has worked with a variety of groups including youth, veterans, emergency service workers and refugees. Simon has published over 180 peer-reviewed publications including a textbook titled Exercise-Based Interventions for Mental Illness. He is most certainly one of the world’s leading experts in the field of physical activity and mental health.

Simon serves as an elected national director of Exercise and Sports Science Australia, he is the President Elect of the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and he co-chairs the Olympic Refuge Foundation’s think tank on sport and humanitarian settings.

He has led international research and capacity building projects, including working in the Rohingya refugee crises in Bangladesh. Simon is an incredibly passionate and genuine person and I am truly delighted that he took some time to share his research insights and wisdom with us. We hope you enjoy the podcast.