All Mindfulness

Experience the many benefits of mindfulness. Rest, restore and recover with a selection of simple guided audio exercises.

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Inner sanctuary

This meditation helps you to connect with your own inner sanctuary of peace, calmness and safety.


Creating space

This exercise provides a mindful way of interacting with difficult emotions, helping you to create space for them, rather than fighting against them or pushing them away.


TLC timeout

This mindful compassion practise supports you to bring a sense of care, warmth and kindness towards what your mind and body when processing a challenging experience or situation.


Grounded with an open heart

This compassion-focused meditation helps to develop a sense of grounded compassionate awareness that we can carry with us throughout the day.


RAIN (compassion meditation)

This meditation helps us to develop compassion towards our own minds and bodies – through the practice of RAIN – Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture.


A compassionate hand for residual stress

This compassion-focused mindfulness meditation will support you in gently releasing any residual stress or tension that you may have taken on from a situation, event or person.


Mindful body scan (long)

This is a simple yet powerful way of bringing your full awareness to different areas of your body, releasing tension and re-centering your focus to the present moment.


A golden moment

Regularly connecting with joy can help to maintain an optimistic outlook and become more resilient. In this mindfulness exercise you will focus on one of the most joyful moments of your life.


A compassionate hand

Don’t listen to a harsh inner critic. Practicing Mindfulness with Compassion allows you to change this inner conversation. Start talking to yourself with kindness, let go of past mistakes and find comfort in being you.