All Mindfulness

Experience the many benefits of mindfulness. Rest, restore and recover with a selection of simple guided audio exercises.

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A mindful choice

Whenever you are faced with a challenging situation this mindfulness exercise can help you. Be guided to engage your Wise Mind and make choices in line with your values.


A mindful break

This simple mindfulness of words exercise will help you to ground your mind and body in the present moment.


Say hello & let it go

This mindfulness exercise provides a quick, useful way to access the Wise Mind and step back from stressful or unhelpful thoughts.


Mindful birds

Learn to access your Wise Mind by simply observing your thoughts. Watch your thoughts come and go without reacting to them, judging them, holding on to them or pushing them away.


TLC timeout for pandemic stress

This mindful compassion practise supports you to bring a sense of care, warmth and kindness towards what your mind and body when processing the challenges of pandemic stress.