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How fruit can fight depression

This study of 7801 middle and older aged adults provides evidence of why a trip to the greengrocer may be a very useful way to keep depression at bay.

Can resilience predict mental health symptomology?

This study examines whether resilience can be measured and used to predict mental health symptomology among first responders exposed to repeated trauma.

Resilience @ Work Mindfulness Program Randomised Controlled Trial

View results from the RCT of the original program which was developed into Mindarma.

How Technology Will Impact Workplace Mental Health

This paper provides a review and agenda for examining how technology-driven changes at work will impact workplace mental health and employee well-being.

ROI: Review of Interventions

Conducted for SafeWork NSW, this review of interventions examines what works in reducing mental ill health in the workplace.

The Psychosocial Safety Scale

Describes the development of the PSC-12 Scale for measuring psychosocial safety.