All Mindfulness

Experience the many benefits of mindfulness. Rest, restore and recover with a selection of simple guided audio exercises.

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Supportive grounding

This practise enables you to centre your mind and body, reconnecting to a sense of grounded, balanced awareness. During the practise you are guided to anchor into the nourishing and soothing qualities of the breath.


Basic grounding

This short, simple mindfulness workout will enable you to centre your mind and body and connect with the present moment.


Mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is a simple method for re-connecting with the present moment. This practise only takes a few minutes and can be used at any time, particularly if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Mindful body scan (short)

Discover another simple way to re-focus your mind, bringing attention to physical sensations as you scan your body.


A soothing pause

This mindful compassion practise supports you to reconnect with the present moment and foster a sense of warmth, kindness and care towards your body and mind.


A nourishing breath

This short mindfulness practise helps you to reconnect with the nourishing and supportive quality of your breath.


A mindful pause

This short practise will help you to reset and recentre your focus to the present moment.


Progressive muscle relaxation

This practise aims to release stress and tension while facilitating a sense of relaxation, ease and safety. You will be guided to bring tension to and then relaxation to different parts of your body.


Restorative sleep

This practise aims to support you in securing more restorative and peaceful sleep.