Brain food

I feel the 21st century is another new age. Not only can we collaborate again with nature, we have to. It is an emergency.

- Bjork

This is your lifestyle, you can be what you wanna be, you can do what you wanna do, feel that cool breeze on your face again, feel the rain on your hair, running back to

- King Stingray

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

- Jim Carrey

We don’t have to go anywhere to obtain the truth. We only need to be still and things will reveal themselves in the clear water of our heart.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Where you stumble and fall, there you discover gold.

- Joseph Campbell

Always aware, always there. Bare, vast, radiant and free – the truth of me.

- Danna Faulds

Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart.

- Derek Walcott  

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.

- Charles Darwin

Sometimes you don’t feel the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.

- Unknown

To do two things at once is to do neither.

- Publilius Syrus

Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost.

- Erol Ozan

It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.

- Dr Brené Brown

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

- Alvin Toffler

May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I accept and embrace my flaws and imperfections; the shadow and the light of being fully human.

- Mindarma

Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.

- Brodi Ashton

Do not agonize about yesterday. Do not borrow tomorrow’s trouble. Let your heart hunt. Rest in the now.

- Robin Hobb, Fool's Assassin

Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario. It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.

- Michael J. Fox

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before–more sorry, more

- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

So I take this word reconciliation and I use it to reconcile people back to Mother Earth, so they can walk this land together and heal one another because she’s the one that gives birth

- Max Dulumunmun Harrison

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

- Buddha